Improving Relationship Connections Through Therapy

At iListen, LLC., I provide comprehensive therapy solutions for individuals, couples, and groups. My goal is to help clients strengthen their relationship connection with themselves and their loved ones.

Services Offered

Individual Therapy

Clients receive emotional support and guidance regarding relationship problems, health concerns, job changes, or daily life challenges while navigating their way toward personal growth.

Couples Therapy

Also known as marriage counseling, this process helps couples identify and resolve their conflicts to improve their relationship connection.

Family Therapy

This process helps parents, children, and siblings to improve their communication while addressing and resolving issues and conflicts.

Group Therapy

Provide an environment where clients can resolve problems and grow emotionally.

How Therapy Can Help in the Different Stages of a Romantic Relationship


Couples counseling can improve your relationship with your significant other even during the early stages of dating.


Romantic partners on the verge of taking their relationship to the next level can seek couples counseling for guidance in relevant conversations about commitment and similar topics.


Strengthen your relationship connection as spouses through marriage therapy.


Almost all romantic relationships go through a rough patch. The appropriate therapy solution can help couples understand the situation and overcome hard times.

A Glimpse Into My Counseling Approaches


It emphasizes the importance of the client independently making decisions and actions that may affect their life in the short or long-term, forming world views, and developing a sense of self.


This counseling approach acknowledges the complexity, relativity, and intersubjectivity of all human experiences and optimizes this concept to help clients see their stories from different points of view.


By presenting life experiences in a nonjudgmental way, this counseling method empowers people to separate themselves from negative thoughts and feelings before their emotional or mental state becomes overwhelmed.

Gottman Method

This aims to address conflicting verbal communications between couples while encouraging each partner to better empathize and understand their loved one. By doing so, the couple can improve their intimacy, respect, and affection within their relationship.

Cognitive Behavioral

It allows a person to learn how to recognize and change thought patterns that negatively influence their behavior and emotions.

Motivational Interviewing

This goal-oriented counseling method helps clients overcome insecurities and uncertainties so that they can find the inner motivation to change a particular behavior.

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